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KPI offers you individual and professional support in optimizing your HR department in order to use your HR potential and increase your productivity.

Especially in the subject areas:

  • HR organisation
    Is the current functional HR organization set up accordingly?
    Often, the structures in the HR organization were formed a few years ago and have not been adapted to the current circumstances. In this respect, it is checked whether the current organization is aligned with the functional requirements.
  • HR processes
    Have the processes been set up efficiently?
    Many processes have not been questioned for years. In practice, it often shows that some of these are still very much associated with manual tasks. Data collection and manual activities are part of this review in order to find and implement new solutions. This is where productivity can be increased the most.
  • HR IT systems
    Is there an optimal use of technical solutions by using all possibilities?
    Many companies have introduced new HR IT systems with great effort in recent years. However, it turns out again and again that it is not known at all which functions are all possible. In addition, savings were often made in customizing in order to adapt all parameters individually to the company. In the end, the employees were trained very little on it. The check shows whether there is a demand here and how quickly this will pay for itself.
  • Payroll
    How are the data delivered and processed there?
    Payroll is the most complex part in the HR department. Due to the legal requirements and almost all processes end there and have an impact on remuneration. To simplify this, checklists, templates and appropriate documentation should be used. Moreover, there is too often a dependency on a know-how provider.
  • HR-outsourcing
    Is it necessary to look for external support??
    Are there any useful activities that can be done externally, because they can be done better and cheaper there without reducing the service to the employees. Here only a few important criteria have to be met.

We offer three possible services for this:

Optimization seminar
(1 – 5 days)

The employees in the HR department are trained to recognize potential for improvement and to develop a solution for this. It tries to point out optimization points to everyone individually on their respective position and function and to develop a personal to-do list for the next few weeks through suggestions.

Optimization audit
(5 – 15 days)

Sometimes it is difficult for employees, after they have been in the department for years, to question facts and identify problem areas. At the beginning, it can make sense to carry out an audit in the entire HR area. The current situation with all problem issues is shown. For this purpose, a procedure is proposed and corresponding measures are described, which can have both quick wins and medium-term character.

Optimization realization
(20 – 75 days)

Implementing projects and changes in day-to-day business is very difficult for many HR departments because capacity is often very tightly calculated. In order to then be able to implement such projects, additional external know-how and capacity is then needed temporarily. We help you to ensure that the changes you want are actually implemented and that the return on investment is quickly achieved.

So you will surely succeed