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Article in the HR-Magazine (edition 2017/07):
"Outsource successfully (12 point plan)"

Article in the HR-Magazine (edition 2016/10):
"Guide to Building an HR Service Center"

Article in the HR-Magazine special (edition 2016/08):
"In 10 steps to implement a new payroll program"

Article in the personnel magazine (edition 2012/01):
"The HR Business Partner Model (Part 3)"

Robert Knemeyer writes the column “Payroll” on online portal from Haufe Publishing:

01/15/2020 Column on "The right process for the taxation of benefits in kind"

10/09/2019 Column on "On the real tasks of HR management"

08/28/2019 Column on "Abrechnungsprozess: Pfändungen bearbeiten – in sieben Schritten"

01/04/2019 Cloumn on "Questioning unnecessary manual activities in HR"

11/16/2018 Column on "Top 10 most unpopular regulations in practice"

04/192018 Column on "Payroll Outsourcing: Solving Internal Problems Only"

03/28/2018 Column on "When gross mistakes happen"

11/08/2017 Column on "Top 10 productivity killers in HR"